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We are passionate travellers and we are continuously planning our next destination. We love to soak up the atmosphere and we love to explore new countries and cultures. With every journey we associate different experiences and memories. And exactly this is what drives us to travel. Everybody knows these colorful fridge magnets one can buy in souvenir boutiques. Per country or city you can choose between thousands of different magnets. They are great souvenirs, but in the majority of time they receive no attention and your experiences shift into the background. With traveller charms we want to create a souvenir which you can always have by your side. These shall help you to always remember the great experiences and impressions you collected during your travels. You can easily show your friends where you have been and talk with them about your favorite destinations. Or you can even ask other people who collect traveller charms which country they can recommend to you for your next journey. Probably you are currently thinking of even more use cases of traveller charms. We are excited to hear your travel stories! :-)