How it works – Traveller Charms

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How it works



1. Choose one country charm (pendant) for every country, island or city you've travelled to.


2. Pick a bracelet, key chain or necklace.

3. Combine your country charms (pendants) to the bracelet, key chain or necklace.

Now you always have your travels with you :-) 





Some of our customers collect all countries, islands or cities they've travelled to. Other customers collect the places they have the best memories of. And there are even travellers who gift their friends the charms of destinations they have visited together or places they will travel together. So feel free and be creative to find your individual traveller charms style.



We have created our exclusive traveller sets for all travellers who have already visited 5 or more countries, islands or cities. If you need 5, 20 or even 50 individual charms at once, you can buy the Explorer, Cosmopolitan or Globetrotter Set. A great ways to begin your traveller charms collection is to start with a Backpacker Set. Our Backpacker Sets inlcude a key chain or bracelet or necklace + 10 charms.